Buying your own home is an exciting and life changing experience, especially if it is your first home. While you may fall in love with the perfect house in a perfect location, it is important that you carry out a thorough home and plumbing inspection, as this can uncover potential issues that the naked eye cannot see. Plumbing issues can often become very costly to repair, and can turn your new home dream into a headache after you move in. Here are several common signs that you need to look out for:

Mould and Water Stains

As water pipes are behind walls or are underground, hidden leaks often go unnoticed or undetected. If you notice any water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings, this could indicate a leak in the home. Water leaks also can travel along skirtings and make door frames appear swollen. You may notice excessive mould build-up in the bathrooms as well. Undetected leaks are often a nuisance and potentially become a major issue if termites are involved. Newly painted walls and newly installed flooring, while great for you as a new owner, could also be ‘hiding’ previous leaks which should be thoroughly investigated to ensure the issues have been fully remedied.

Unusual Wetness and Moisture

In addition to water stains and mould inside the home, be aware of unusual moisture outside the property as well. Look out for extra ‘green’ patches of lawn (especially if the weather has been dry), water pooling in areas or soggy spots, and cracked concrete or paving in the outdoor areas. Again, this could indicate a hidden underground leak which will require professional leak detection to uncover and repair.

Building Work and Renovations

Another area to pay attention to is the structural aspect of the home, or if any renovations have been performed but were not done properly. Signs to notice are cracked tiling, peeling and loose grout, sealing around tubs, basins, and sinks, as well as the materials used and if there are any ill fittings. If poor quality materials were used, or badly installed, you may notice gaps, rust, or seals that are loose. The last thing you need is a costly bathroom renovation after you move in, so don’t get caught out by bad workmanship.

If you’re looking at buying an older home, other issues can include an aged plumbing system with clay pipes, hot water tank needing replacement, and rusty flexi hoses that could be a ticking time bomb. It goes without saying, a home and plumbing inspection is a must before you sign the contract!

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