Theres nothing more frustrating than finding out too late that you have a destructive underground leak in progress. Its costly in many ways because youll have to replace damaged items, repair damaged property, and pay for excess water usage, not to mention plumbing labour as well. The great news is that you dont have to wait for things to spiral out of control before you act. If you know what to look out for and what to do if you suspect that theres a leak under your concrete foundation or elsewhere underground on your property, youll be able to salvage the situation.

Mozgo Plumbing are leak detection specialists, quickly able to identify a water leak under slabs or around your property. If you suspect something is going on with excess water, have a read through our blog below that outlines four ways to detect a leak where you can’t see it. Then please give us a call. It’s better to be safe than realise all too late that you have a growing water problem underground.

Method #1 – Listen for Unexplained Sounds of Running Water

Its abnormal to hear water sounds when all the taps in the house are closed. If this happens to you, inspect all your water features and sources so that you can eliminate them first. It may be an underground leak if you cant find where the sound is coming from.

Method #2 – Send a Camera Down to Check for Visual Clues

This is a technique that will require you to hire experts with CCTV equipment to send the camera down the pipe network. Through a monitor, your technician receives a live feed of visuals that could point towards the underground water leak.

Method #3 – Investigate Any Cracks that Develop on Surfaces in the Home

Water is powerful. So much so, that it can move flooring and walls until they have visible cracks. These are a key clue for detecting a leak in your home.

Method #4 – Follow Up on Extra Dampness that Shows Up in Your Flooring

Unless youve spilled a liquid onto it, your carpet or tiles shouldnt be wet. The moment you notice moisture, you should try and find the source. If its unclear, you may have an underground leak, but call in a plumbing specialist to confirm.

The most crucial thing is that you have the tools and support to locate the leak and prevent unnecessary damage to your home. Property is expensive enough as an investment without having to fork out an unreasonable amount of money for damage control. Contact Mozgo Plumbing on 0404 417 601 if you suspect that you have an underground leak. Weve got you covered.