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Domestic Leaks

Our domestic leaks services include leak detection and plumbing work within single level homes, block of units, residential complexes, and strata complexes.

Left unattended, water leaks (even just small ones), can cost hundreds of dollars in not only in wasted water but also water damage to your home.

Our job is to help you locate your water leak early, saving you money on further excessive water usage charges and damages to your property.

Below are some common indicators that you may currently have, or may face a water leak within your home. If you see any of these signs, don’t hesitate to give Mozgo Plumbing a call and we can easily fix them for you:

  • Block drains
  • Burst pipes (outside)
  • Burst flexi pipes (inside)
  • Burst dishwasher or pipe (inside)
  • Hot water systems
  • Blocked toilet
  • Dripping taps
  • Leaking shower head
  • Low water pressure
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Do you suspect you have a water leak?

One common sign that you may have a water leak is an unusually high water bill, or perhaps an increase in moisture within your home. The leak causes water to flow freely and this is reflected in your water bill.

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Other signs of a leak may include:

  • Letter from the council indicating an excessive water usage.
  • Lawn is wet in one spot and it hasn’t been raining.
  • Area pooling with water or damp area on your property, and it hasn’t been raining.
  • Mould forming in an area of your home.

Mozgo Plumbing has the expertise to not only locate your water leak but to also fix it on the spot. We are both professional leak detectors and licensed plumbers. We have the knowledge, training, and latest equipment to quickly locate the leak, be it outside, under your house, or inside your walls. With our equipment, we can ascertain where the leaks are and avoid digging up in wrong areas..

Health risks associated with water leaks

Water leaks are sometimes not obvious, it may be that you will only see dampness and mould further down the track when the situation has worsened.

Left unattended, mould and dampness can cause respiratory issues and serious health concerns. Therefore, if you suspect water leaks in your home, call us right away on 0404 417 601.

We will confirm if there is indeed a water leak, find it quickly and accurately, and fix it. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate and damage your home and your health.

In an emergency, go to your water meter and turn the water off ASAP. Then call Mozgo Plumbing, and we will locate and repair your leak quickly for you.

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