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 Commercial Leaks

Unnecessarily high water consumption is costly for any business. Commercial establishments tend to experience more frequent issues with their plumbing than residential due to the higher volume of use. Therefore, it goes without saying that a water leak in your commercial facility such as hotel, movie theatre, office, restaurant, school or cafe will be not only inconvenient to the smooth running of your business, but left undetected, can turn into a very costly exercise.

It can also become quite disconcerting to your patrons if the leak is visible, within any a high-traffic areas.

If you suspect a water leak, below is a small list of some common indicators that you may be faced with. If you notice any of these, don’t delay. Call Mozgo Plumbing, an experienced leak detector and plumber to not only locate the leak within the your business’ property, but to fix the issue on the spot.

  • blocked drains
  • blocked toilet
  • burst pipes (outside)
  • burst flexi pipes (inside)
  • dripping taps
  • burst dishwashers/pipes (inside)
  • hot water systems
  • low water pressure
  • leaking gas
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Do you suspect a possible water leak?

The most common sign of a water leak is an excessive water bill. This means your water consumption is higher than normal. And if your operations haven’t changes, and therefore general water consumption hasn’t changed, it could be the sign of an undetected leak.

If this sounds like your commercial premises, any delay may result in a major plumbing and structural exercise. Call Mozgo Plumbing, your professional leak detection company, locate the leak and fix it efficiently. We also offer a water management solution, specifically for the purposes of monitoring your consumption and detecting any potential signs of a water leak. Want to find out more? Call us today on 0404 417 601.

At Mozgo Plumbing, we use acoustic leak detection equipment, along with collators and overnight zone loggers to locate commercial water leaks. We always stay up-to-date with the latest diagnostic equipment, to make sure we have 100% accuracy with our leak detection.

Our services for commercial leaks include plumbing work for offices, restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, hotels, movie theatres, resorts and other commercial facilities.

We can do our work with your premises during business hours or if it is more convenient and causes less interruptions, outside your business hours. We understand that the best time to find and fix water leaks on some commercial sites is in the evenings, so we have a fixed hourly rate for night and day work.

When everything is back in order, we will give you a full descriptive report on the completed job.

Call us today for a quote on 0404 417 601.

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